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Control Systems Engineering

Key Faculty: Preston White


Area Description: The control systems engineer is concerned with understanding the behaviors of products and processes and designing the means to match these behaviors to desired performance specifications.  Control engineering is based on the foundations of dynamic systems analysis and feedback, integrating concepts from networks and communications theory.  Applications of control engineering can be found in business, economic, social, and biological systems, as well as all of the traditonal branches of engineering.

Potential Courses:
SYS 612 Dynamic Systems
SYS 634 Discrete Event Simulation
SYS 674 Total Quality Engineering
SYS 702 Case Studies in Systems Engineering
SYS 730 Time Series Analysis
SYS 734 Advanced Optimization
SYS 752 Sequential Decision Processes
SYS 754 Multiobjective Optimization
SYS 763 Response Surface Methods
SYS 770 Sequencing and Scheduling
SYS 775 Forecast-Decision Systems
EE 602 Electronic Systems
EE 613 Communication Systems Engineering
EE 614 Estimation Theory
EE 621 Linear Automatic Control Systems
EE 631 Advanced Switching Theory
EE 673 Analog Integraqted Circuits
EE 717 Information Theory
EE 722 Robotics
EE 724 Modern Control Theory
EE 726 Nonlinear Control Systems
EE 728 Digital Control Systems
EE 738 Computer System Reliabiliuty Engineering
MAE 651 Linear Automatic Control Systems
MAE 665 Computer Aided Engineering and Design
MAE 666 Manufacturing Processes and Materials
MAE 667 Introduction to Manufacturing Systems
MAE 668 Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
MAE 752 State-Space Methods for Linear Control
MAE 756 Nonlinear Control Systems
MAE 853 Optimal Control Systems
MAE 854 Digital COntrol Systems
CHE 635 Process Control and Dynamics
CHE 674 Process Design and Economics
Example Concentration Areas 
A student interested in any area has the ability to customize his course selection to fit his concentration. Possible concentrations within control systems include:

Control Systems (MAE stem)

SYS 612
SYS 730
SYS 763
MAE 651
MAE 752
MAE 756

Control Systems (EE stem)
SYS 612
SYS 730
SYS 763
EE 724
EE 726
EE 728

Job Opportunities 
A student studying control systems engineering will find job opportunities in business and industry.