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Intelligent Systems

Key Faculty: Don Brown

Area Description: Intelligent decision systems are computer-based mathematical/logical models that either make decisions or aid humans in making decisions. These models integrate formal reasoning from normative decision theories, principles of human judgment and decision-making from cognitive theories, representational schemes from artificial intelligence, and computational schemes from neural networks and optimization. Furthermore, they mine and utilize databases, harness knowledge of experts, recognize complex patterns, learn in dynamic environments, and incorporate value structures of decision makers. Various applied system configurations are possible, and, depending upon the dominant feature and purpose, they are called decision aiding systems, decision support systems, knowledge-based (expert) systems, or just decision systems.

Potential Courses: partial listing, see Key Faculty for details
SYS 616 Knowledge-Based Systems
SYS 716 Artificial Intelligence
SYS 614 Decision Analysis
SYS 742 Heuristic Search
SYS 730 Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
Comm 768 Database Management Systems
Comm 769 Advanced Systems Design
Comm 785 Expert Systems
CS 661 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CS 662 Database Systems
CS 685 Software Engineering
EE 781 Pattern Recognition
EE 782 Advanced Computer Vision
EE 884 Neural Networks
GBUS 890 Management Decision Models
PSYC 533 Neural Network Models of Cognition and Brain Computation
PSYC 544 Theories of Cognitive Development
PHIL 543 Advanced Logic
PHIL 833, 834 Philosophy of Mind
PHIL 841, 842 Advanced Logic and Foundations of Mathematics

Example Concentration Areas

A student interested in any area has the ability to customize his course selection to fit his concentration. Possible concentrations within Intelligent Systems include:

Artificial Intelligence

SYS 616
SYS 716
SYS 614
SYS 742
COMM 785
EE 884
PSYC 544
Nueral Networks

SYS 616
SYS 742
CS 661
EE 884
EE 781
PSYC 533
Decision Support Systems

SYS 616
SYS 614
SYS 730
COMM 768
CS 662
CS 685

Job Opportunities

This "concentration" is by definition the broadest since management positions are required in all companies and industries.