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Management & Systems Engineering

Key Faculty: William Scherer, Garrick Louis

Area Description: The function of management is to make decisions regarding the acquisition, allocation, and efficacy of an organization’s resources. The resources in question may be financial, human, or informational. The foundation of the systems methodology, analytic modeling and decision theory make the progress from analyst to manager a very logical one. For the student contemplating an early advancement into management, the opportunity to build upon the systems foundation with offerings to increase their awareness of the complexities and issues surrounding the three types of resources (money, people, and information) as well as additional complexities of organizations would be a valuable use of elective courses. The essential issues of management can be divided into issues of "control" and "leadership." Listed below are a wide variety of courses, which offer insights into both categories.

Potential Courses: partial listing, see Key Faculty for details
SYS 602 Systems Integration and Management
SYS 614 Decision Analysis
SYS 650 Risk Analysis
SYS 702 Case Studies in Systems Engineering
SYS 752 Sequential Decision Processes
SYS 754 Multi-objective Optimization
SYS 770 Sequencing and Scheduling
SYS 775 Forecast Decision Systems
COMM 725 Decision Support Systems
COMM 750 Professional Services Marketing
COMM 762 Organizational Behavior
COMM 771 Financial Controls and Systems
COMM 772 Financial Analysis
GBUS 811 Operations
GBUS 821 *Starting New Ventures
GBUS 823 *Management of Smaller Enterprises
GBUS 851 *Managing Turnarounds & Workouts
GBUS 860 *Marketing Strategy
GBUS 861 *Business to Business Marketing
GBUS 874 Career Management
GBUS 875 Management Psychology
GBUS 877 *Managing Conflict and Cooperation
GBUS 882 *Management of Service Operations
GBUS 884 Innovations and Technology Management
GBUS 893 *Bargaining and Negotiating
ECON 717 Industrial Organizations I
ECON 751 Topics in Growth Theory
ECON 817 Industrial Organizations II
PSYC 564 Human Relations and Group Process
SOC 773 Computers and Society
SOC 847 Sociology of Knowledge
SOC 851 Sociology of Work
SOC 859 Conflict Management
SOC 871 Sociology of Organizations

Example Concentration Areas

A student interested in any area has the ability to customize his course selection to fit his concentration. As a basic focus, it is suggested that any student without prior exposure take COMM 772 Financial Analysis - money is the great scorekeeper in management. Beyond Financial Analysis, all students are encouraged to take COMM 762 Organizational Behavior. From this point, electives should be selected in keeping with the student’s specific career interests. Possible focus areas would include R&D/Technology Management, Entrepreneurial Management, General Management or Industry Focused.

Job Opportunities

This "concentration" is by definition the broadest since management positions are required in all companies and industries.

* - Each class is 1.5 Credits