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Urban Systems

Key Faculty: Garrick Louis, William Scherer, Yacov Y. Haimes

Area Description: Urban systems are comprised of the processes by which life in metropolitan areas is organized and operated. These processes may be grouped into four major categories of; infrastructure, built environment/planning, administration and human services. The urban systems program in Systems Engineering will focus primarily on urban infrastructure. Within this focus, it will emphasize the systems associated with municipal solid waste, sewerage, wastewater and drinking water supply. Related infrastructures include transportation, energy and communications. The program pursues three general themes: the system requirements for sustainable urban infrastructure, lifecycle analysis of urban infrastructure and the opportunities for and implications of integration across urban infrastructure systems. While the technical processes considered are urban environmental systems, the analytical tools employed and policy issues investigated can be generalized to the other categories of urban systems besides infrastructure.

Potential Courses: partial listing, see Key Faculty for details
SYS 616 Knowledge-Based Systems
SYS 670 Environmental Systems Analysis
SYS 702 Case Studies in Systems Engineering
SYS 721 Research Methods in Systems Engineering
SYS 781 Advanced Topics in Systems Engineering
CE 634 Geographic Information Systems
CE 640 Wastewater Treatment
CE 641 Water Quality Modeling
CE 644 Water Chemistry for Environmental Engineering
CE 731 Project Planning
CE 742 Modeling Environmental Fate/Effect of Contaminants
CS 662 Database Systems
MAE 665 Computer Aided Engineering & Design
NE 501 Nuclear Engineering Fundamentals
EVSC 521 Air Quality Planning
EVSC 560 Land Use Policies
EVGE 578 Groundwater Hydrology
GFAP 760 Public Administration
GFAP 844 Urban Politics
GFAP 868 Urban Administration and Policy
PHIL 752 Contemporary Ethics
PSYS 522 Fundamentals of Motivation
PLAN 501/502 Urban Design
PLAN 504 Design of Cities
PLAN 506 Mapping a Community’s Future
PLAN 511 Information Technology in Planning
PLAN 524 Consensus Building, Negotiation & Mediation
PLAN 550 Natural Systems & Environmental Planning
PLAN 551 Sustainable Communities
PLAN 553 Environmental Policy & Planning
PLAN 554 Environmental Values & Ethics
PLAN 555 Environmental Impact Assessment
PLAN 560 Land Use Policies & Planning
PLAN 607 Urban Theory & Public Policy

Example Concentration Areas

A student interested in any area has the ability to customize his course selection to fit his concentration. Possible concentrations within Urban Systems include:

Urban Environmental Systems

SYS 670
SYS 781
CE 634
CE 640
EVSC 521
PLAN 607
Information Technology for Urban Systems

SYS 616
SYS 650
CE 634
CS 662
PLAN 504
PLAN 511

Job Opportunities

Possible opportunities include public planning agencies, Municipal government, private civil/environmental engineering firms, and public consulting firms.