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Why Study SIE at UVA?

It would be difficult to equal at any other university the experience and training you would receive as a graduate student in Systems and Information Engineering here at UVA. Our department is unique among Departments of Systems Engineering and Industrial Engineering for the breadth of different fields involved, the experience of the faculty and the opportunity for student involvement. As a student in this department, you will:

  • develop yourself professionally and personally
  • work closely with faculty who are recognized leaders in their areas of research
  • become part of a close-knit family who truly care about and for each other


"I never knew how interesting and how practical an engineering project could be. Systems and information engineering not only gives me valuable opportunities to understand the fantastic integrated systems in the engineering world, but also equips me with strong problem-solving skills and the logical-thinking ability, which are essential for a sucessful career in the future. Plus, Charlottesville is really a peaceful and pleasant small town to live in." -- Lei Chen, PhD





"I study systems engineering because doing so has equipped me with essential problem-solving skills, especially with regard to complex, inter-connected systems. What I've learned at UVa has enabled me to understand the diverse set of components and incommensurate objectives that complicate and shape US energy policy, the current focus of my master research." -- Ross Collins, MS




"Studying SIE at UVa is a truly unique experience. Courses in the department offer exposure and skills that can be directly applied in an academic and industry setting. [There are] opportunities to gain respect, experience, and knowledge in an industry setting in so many different areas, many of which offer opportunities for future work after UVa. I have spoken to several industry stakeholders working with students and faculty in our department that think SIE at UVa is a "hidden gem" for industries to gain research insight and to help their company to progress. I have always thought prior to UVa that I was doing was exactly what I wanted to be doing and that I was where I needed to be to prepare me for my future. Now that I am here at UVa, I am confident that this actually true." -- Colleen Hughes, PhD








"Studying Systems Engineering at UVa is definitely a rewarding experience. The faculty is very diverse and [they] have extensive industry and academic experience in systems engineering. The department's staff is very helpful and really looks out for each of the students. Overall, the program allows you as a graduate student to take an interdisciplinary approach to research and learning by combining a multitude of engineering topics from a holistic view." -- Akilah Hugine, PhD





"System Engineering addresses messy problems that many disciplines are unable or unwilling to tackle. It takes a holistic approach that isn't limited by traditional methods used in many other fields. SIE teaches one how to model a system and change what can be changed to help the system give the desired outputs. It is a toolbox that any problem...solver in industry, academia, or other area should have." -- Mike Vedomske, MS




"Students of systems engineering are more ready to solve problems that have many systems interacting with each other. Very often, the stated problem is only a symptom of a bigger problem. I like this example from Prof. Louis. Some engineers built the levee system in New Orleans. Some other groups built the roads and transportation network. Some policy makers decided on the health systems. However, when the levees break and the transportation system is flooded, the health systems are inundated with patients and one sees an example of systems that were built almost as stand-alone systems suddenly interacting in an obvious manner. Systems engineers are cognizant of such interaction when designing polices." -- Kanshu Rajaratnam, PhD







Living In Charlottesville

Charlottesville is consistently named one of the best small cities in the South in which to live by Money Magazine, and it's easy to see why the city was given that award. It's a city in a beautiful setting, nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, a short distance from Skyline Drive. It's a city with a world-class medical center. It's a city that offers many and varied cultural and social experiences: from bluegrass to opera, from burgers at the White Spot to dining at Keswick Hall, from ACC hoops to Foxfield Races, from hiking the Appalachian Trail to visiting museums. And so much is nearby: Richmond, the Bay, and DC are only an hour or two away by car! Click on for more information.

 Our Award-Winning Faculty

 Personal and Professional Development

Students in SIE have many opportunities to develop themselves personally and professionally. Professional growth comes from working closely with faculty on research projects with all of the resultant "perks": publishing articles and texts, presenting your work at symposia and conferences, and networking with some of the "heaviest hitters" in academia and industry. Development as an instructor is available through TA positions supported by the Teaching Resource Center. You can also develop teamwork and leadership skills through student organizations such as INFORMS and Omega Rho. Personal growth comes from working with a select group of fascinating and diverse students, who work as hard as they play.