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Department Research Areas

Computational Statistics and Simulation

Research in the Computational Statistics and Simulation group involves modeling, analyzing, and simulating dynamic systems characterized by complex process logic and uncertain behaviors. More.

Human Factors

Human Factors investigates and models the cognitive and physical performance of humans at work. More.

Risk and Decision Analysis

The Center for Risk Management of Engineering Systems develops theory, methodology, and technology to assist in the management of risk for a variety of engineering systems. More.

Systems Integration

Systems integration is a fundamental and critical aspect of systems engineering which can involve the integration of any system components. More.

Optimization and Control

The development of optimization and control techniques for improving systems performance is the main thrust of this research group. More.

Department Research Centers

Wireless Internet Center for Advanced Technology

WICAT (Wireless Internet Center for Advanced Technology) is a multi-university center sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF). It includes Polytechnic University, Virginia Tech, Auburn University and the University of Virginia (UVA). More.


Department Research Groups

Financial Decision Engineering

The Financial Decision Engineering Research Group is  focal point for research on decision problems in the areas of finance and credit. Current research is focused on models and analysis of high frequency trading in the commodities and equities markets. The group also promotes education in financial engineering.