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Optimization and Control

The development of optimization and control techniques for improving system performance is the main thrust of this research group. Typically, the research begins with the development of a mathematical model that captures the main traits of the system of interest. Subsequently, algorithmic schemes aimed at optimizing and/or controlling selected measures of performance are designed and implemented. Finally, extensive experimental tests are conducted in order to benchmark the benefits of the proposed schemes.

Research in Optimization and Control at the Department of Systems and Information Engineering at the University of Virginia has particular strengths in three methodological areas.

  • Stochastic control: Markovian decision processes, stochastic dynamic programming.
  • Decentralized algorithms for large-scale system optimization: complex network optimization, multi-agent coordinated control.
  • Dynamic games: economic regulations of network industries.

The group's research activities are tightly coupled with various research centers at the University of Virginia, including WICAT (Wireless Internet Center for Advanced Technology), ROMAC (The Rotating Machinery and Controls Laboratory), and the UVa Diabetes Technology Program.

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Primary Faculty:

Peter A. Beling
Stephen D. Patek