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Systems and Information Engineering Technical Papers


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n/a The Lexical Components Of The Dimensions Of Systems Thinking (DST) pdf


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SIE-070001 Rational Swarms for Distributed On-line Bayesian Search pdf
SIE-070002 Hypercast Implementation for PTDS pdf
SIE-070003 Equilibrium Capacity Expansion under Stochastic Demand Growth pdf


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SIE-060001 Quantifiable Corrosion Detection in Aging Aircraft pdf
SIE-060002 Analysis of Robust Measures in Random Forest Regression pdf
SIE-060003 Comparative Analysis of Two Forest-based Regression Algorithms pdf
SIE-060004 Improving the Robust Random Forest Regression Algorithm pdf
SIE-060005 The Potential for Underinvestment in Internet Security: Implications for Regulatory Policy pdf
SIE-060006 A Game Theoretic Approach to Efficient Power Management in Sensor Networks
Sim_500_nodes_Random_Location (right-click to save)
This movie shows a sample path of the algorithm's output for 500 nodes randomly placed in an uniform fashion in the unit square. After 500 iterations, four clusters begin to alternate in the sensing duty.
Sim_100_nodes_grid (right-click to save)
This movie shows a sample path of the algorithm's output for 100 nodes placed in a grid.
After 100 iterations, the clusters begin to alternate in the sensing duty.
SIE-060007 Investment Dynamics in Electricity Markets pdf
SIE-060008 A Traffic Engineering Model for Air Taxi Services pdf
SIE-060009 Spatial growth prediction for filiform corrosion: classification models with image-derived features pdf
SIE-060010 Modeling the Evolution of Corrosion: A feature-based interacting particle model for growth prediction pdf
SIE-060011 SCUB: A Distributed, Utility-based Architecture for Closed Loop Control with Wireless Sensor Networks pdf


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SIE-050001 A Decentralized Approach to Discrete Optimization via Simulation: Application to Network Flow pdf
SIE-050002 A Bayesian Meta-Gaussian Forecast-Decision System for a M-ary Predictand link removed at request from author
SIE-050003 Distributed On-line Bayesian Search pdf
SIE-050004 Results of FY 05 Army/HyperCast Research Efforts pdf
SIE-050005 Capacity Assessment and Mapping of the Municipal Sanitation Infrastructure in Tobago pdf


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SIE-040001 On-line Auctions for Competing Queueing Systems pdf
SIE-040002 Risk-Based Management of Guardrails: Site Selection and Upgrade pdf
SIE-040003 Extended Comparison Tool for Major Highway Projects pdf
SIE-040004 Screening Methodology for Needs of Roadway Lighting pdf
SIE-040005 Multiple-Criteria Decision-Making in the Design of Innovative Lock Walls for Barge Impact: Phase 2, Implementation of Methodologies pdf
SIE-040006 A Modified Response Surface Methodology for Knowledge Discovery with Simulations pdf
SIE-040007 Risk and Opportunity in Upgrading the U.S. Drinking Water Infrastructure System pdf
SIE-040008 Technology Assesment for Sustainable Sanitation Services in Low-Income Communities. pdf
SIE-040009 Risk Assessment War-game (RAW) pdf


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SIE-030001 The Over-Extended Kalman Filter - Don't Use It! pdf
SIE-030002 Partially Observed Stochastic Shortest Path Problems with Approximate Solution by Neuro-Dynamic Programming pdf
SIE-030003 Modeling Virginia's Restructured Electricity Market pdf
SIE-030004 Forecast Horizons for a Class of Dynamic Games pdf


Report# Title Format
SIE-020001 OpIATE: Optimization Integrated Adaptive Traffic Engineering pdf
SIE-020002 An Integrated Systems Overview Of Health Care Behavior pdf
SIE-020003 Dynamically Identifying Regenerative Cycles in Simulation-Based Optimization Algorithms for Markov Chains pdf
SIE-020004 On-line Tuning of Prices for Network Services pdf
SIE-020005 Dynamic Pricing & Learning in Electricity Markets pdf
SIE-020006 Maneuver Detection Using the Radar Range Rate Measurement pdf
SIE-020007 Incentive Contracts for Infrastructure, Litigation and Weak Institutions (abstract only) pdf
SIE-020008 A Decision Model for Spatial Site Selection by Criminals: A Foundation for Law Enforcement Decision Support pdf
SIE-020009 Decision Based Spatial Pattern Analysis pdf
SIE-020010 An Outlier-based Data Association Method For Linking Criminal Incidents pdf
SIE-020011 Outlier-based Data Association: Combining OLAP and Data Mining pdf