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Undergraduate Minor Requirements


Students who wish to Minor in Systems Engineering must satisfactorily complete the following six courses with a grade of C- or better:

·      Required Applied Math Courses (likely taken during second year)

o   APMA 3100: Probability

o   APMA 3110: Applied Statistics and Probability OR APMA 3120: Statistics

·      Required Systems Engineering Courses (likely taken during third year)

o   SYS 3021: Deterministic Decision Models

o   SYS 3060: Stochastic Decision Models

·      After completing both SYS 3021 and SYS 3060,

o   SYS 2001: Systems Engineering Concepts*

·      Systems Engineering elective course

o   Any additional 3+ credit SYS course**

* SYS 2001 is restricted to SYS majors, students in the Technology Leaders Program, and SYS minors who have completed both SYS 3021 and 3060

**Several SYS courses required for SYS majors are restricted to majors only.  Being a SYS minor does not give you special access to these courses.

After you have completed all of the required courses, you must complete a Minor Declaration form, which can be found on the SEAS website at or obtained from the SEAS Undergraduate Office, Thornton A-122.