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Systems Engineering Undergraduate Application Sequences


Systems engineering is interdisciplinary in nature with applications to a wide range of decision-making environments. Courses in an application area provide a focus for professional development within the general discipline of systems engineering. With this in mind, you are required to complete a sequence of three courses in a related application area of systems engineering. The following areas are identified with corresponding courses that are approved as application sequences.

Note that the listings reflect undergraduate course offerings described in the University of Virginia Undergraduate Record. The lists do not include new or special-topics courses or relevant graduate course offerings. Your advisor may approve minor changes to your sequence as necessary or appropriate, for example, by substituting a new course or graduate course that is clearly within an approved area. Deviations of 2 courses or more must be evaluated by the Undergraduate Studies Committee.

Study Abroad Foreign Language Courses

For students participating in a study-abroad program, one 3-credit foreign language course in the language of the study abroad location, can be applied as one of the three required courses for any application sequence.

Application Sequences