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Yacov Y. Haimes

Position: Founding Director, Center for Risk Management of Engineering Systems and L. R. Quarles Professor
Office: Olsson 112
Phone: 434-924-3803
Fax: 434-924-0865
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Ph.D, University of California at Los Angeles
M.S., University of California at Los Angeles
B.S., Hebrew University, Jerusalem


Yacov Y. Haimes is the Lawrence R. Quarles Professor of Systems and Information Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Founding Director (1987) of the Center for Risk Management of Engineering Systems at the University of Virginia. He received his M.S. and Ph.D. (with Distinction) degrees in Systems Engineering from UCLA, and his B.S. degree in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. On the faculty of Case Western Reserve University (1970-1987), he chaired the Systems Engineering Department. As an American Association for the Advancement of Science-American Geophysical Union Congressional Science Fellow (1977-78), Dr. Haimes served in the Office of Science and Technology Policy, Executive Office of the President, and on the United States House of Representatives Science and Technology Committee. From 1990 to 2011 he served as a consultant to the Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, and for the last decade as a visiting scientist. He is a Fellow of seven societies: ASCE, IEEE, INCOSE, AWRA, IWRA, AAAS, and Society for Risk Analysis (SRA), (where he is a past President). The Fourth Edition of his most recent book, Risk Modeling, Assessment, and Management, is available in July 2015 (the first three editions were published in 1998, 2004 and 2009). He has signed a contract with Wiley & Sons to write a new textbook: “Modeling and Managing Interdependent Complex Systems of Systems” with the manuscript due by June 2016. Professor Haimes is the recipient of the 2014 UCLA Civil and Environmental Engineering Department Distinguished Alumnus Award; the 2014 ASCE American Academy of Water Resources Engineers Founders Award; the 2010 Distinguished Educator Award presented by SRA; the 2007 Icko Iben Award presented by AWRA; the 2001 Norbert Weiner Award, presented by IEEE-SMC; the 2000 Distinguished Achievement Award, presented by SRA; the 1997 Warren A. Hall Medal, the highest award presented by Universities Council on Water Resources; the 1995 Georg Cantor Award, presented by the International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making, and the 1994 Outstanding Contribution Award presented by the IEEE-SMC; following Hurricane Katrina, he was appointed as the 2007 Arthur Maass-Gilbert White Fellow under the U.S Army Corps of Engineers, Institute for Water Resources (IWR), among others. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Ohio and Virginia; Diplomate of the American Academy of Water Resources Engineers (and a Founding Trustee of the AAWRE); the Past Engineering Area Editor of Risk Analysis: An International Journal. He has authored (and co-authored) six books and 300 technical publications, over 200 of which were published in archival-refereed journals. He has served as dissertation/thesis advisor to 39 Ph.D. and over 80 M.S. students.

Research Interests:

  • Risk-based decision making
  • Multiobjective tradeoff analysis
  • Hierarchical analysis of large-scale systems

Research Groups:

Research Centers:

Representative Publications:

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